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The Big Shave off

After around 36 years since the last clean shave, on his 72nd birthday, John will be shaving off his hair and beard in memory of his late wife. Raising money for Cancer Research. 


Thursday 25th July 2019 Between 12pm & 4pm 

CJ from CJ Barbers will be joining us to perform Little John's Shave off on the 25th July 2019. CJ has been running his own Turkish Barbers since 1999 specialising in traditional Turkish wet shaves. CJ is Turkish and started his first shop in Maidenhead in 1999, then moved to Reading in 2011 and finally settling in Caversham in 2015 where you can find him today.  Check him out on the links below. 

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What a turn out to see Little John's Big Shave Off. Thanks goes to CJ at CJ's Barbers for such a great job. What a transformation. Well done John and Happy Birthday, am sure this will be a memorable one.  

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